>Not Quite Blue Men


I finally finished attaching my beaded Tawny to the sofa, and Blue Man Group stopped by to help me celebrate:) Blue Man Group are 3 mute performance artists who go everywhere dressed in blue paint and black clothing. You may recognize them from their appearance in several Intel Pentium IV television commercials. Blue Man started out performing on the streets of New York in the 1980’s but since then, they have grown into a rather large organization with shows in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Another show is scheduled to open in Orlando this summer. And, if you happen to be in Europe, you can also catch them in either Berlin or London.

My friend Dave works for Blue Man here in Boston, so I’ve seen the show a few times, and it is phenomenal. The blue men play strange musical instruments made out of PVC pipes, and they use a lot of percussion in their music, as well. I love the blue men because they really get the audience to participate in their shows. But, I will admit that when they walk around the audience and search for the perfect participant, I am praying that they don’t pick me. LOL.

Now, the question of the day is, do you think the Blue Men painted the painting that beaded Julie is holding? Or did she do it herself??


I know that RockDog is dying to know how I do these photos everyday, so here’s just a glimpse into the life of an artist who:

a) lives alone
b) is impulsively creative

c) doesn’t sleep much
d) has a lot of time to kill this month

For this particular photo, the paper cut-outs were suspended on the end of a piece of wire. Then, I used some old acrylic craft paint and just squeezed it out onto a piece of painted paper. This photo was taken while the paint was wet, and to answer your question, no paint got on the beads. The duplicate images were done in Photoshop just for fun.
Which colour Blue Man is
your favourite??

If you would like to make a mess like Blue Man Group does (without actually making a mess like I did), check out their website. You can create your own work of art using virtual products like Jell-O, paint balloons, marshmallows, confetti, and finger paint HERE. Have fun:)

Also, please help me decide what to bead next by participating in the poll at the top of my sidebar. Thank you=:)

14 thoughts on “>Not Quite Blue Men

  1. >Upon being seated to see the Blue Men Group in Vegas, center aisle, second row, we knew we were in trouble when we were handed plastic raincoats with attached hoods to wear during the performance. Lots of fun, full of surprises. Being drowned in paper was rather interesting. Do you intend to somehow “finish” the back of your piece?

  2. >I voted for the Dalmation. I’m certain you could do any bread justice! I’ve never seen Blue Man group, but I have to agree with phoenix…they kinda creep me out. You are so fun!!!

  3. >Look at you, getting down and dirty with the Blue Man.And hey, you like Sleater-Kinney! They kick ass! Or they did, since they have, alas, called it quits.

  4. >I agree, Jimmy. Blue Man rocks. And, they’re quite freaky when they stare at you=:0 And, Beadin Gram, I’m sorry to not have included a lab as one of the choices, but I may in the future. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I only listed dogs that I have ideas for. But, if I were to bead a lab, it will definitely be a chocolate one=:)

  5. >RE: Your poll on “what to do next” — well, there is no Lab there — ala our dear Bailey — so will have a hard time picking a candidate — a Pug maybe????? LOLThanks for all the fun you bring to us. Your talents go so much further than beading — you are a real people person and it has been a delight to get to know you.

  6. >These guys FREAK me out! Maybe it’s that they’re so blue and their eyes are so white. Heebiejeebies man, heebiejeebies!Congrats on Mary! 🙂

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