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In the midst of doing errands and everything else today, I happened to stop by my public library. There weren’t any good movies to borrow, but I did find Andy Warhol‘s biography on DVD. Andy Warhol was an American artist who basically defined the term ‘Pop Art’. Andy was a painter, avantgarde filmmaker, illustrator, and celebrity. He also founded Interview Magazine.

Anyways, I watched the DVD when I got home, and it reminded me of last summer when I visited my sister Julie in Pittsburgh, PA. Julie took me to the Andy Warhol Museum. The museum is quite interesting because not only do you get to see famous works of art, but you get a glimpse into Andy’s lifestyle, as well as experience some intriguing American cultural history.


If you ever get the chance to visit the museum, you’ll probably hear the music of The Velvet Underground while you’re there. The Velvet Underground was a noisy experimental rock band from New York. They never really made it big, but they will always remain influential in the world of rock ‘n’ roll. Andy Warhol was the band’s manager as well as producer in the mid-1960’s. During this time, The Velvet Underground provided music for Andy’s multimedia roadshow called Exploding Plastic Inevitable. This show featured live performers and screenings of Andy’s 16mm films. The band also released an album entitled ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico’ which featured the image of a bright yellow banana on the cover – an original Andy Warhol design=:)

You’ll probably recognize Andy’s pieces in the photo above… all except for one. The painting in the lower right-hand corner is a self-portrait ‘print’ created by my sister. Not long after Julie & I visited the museum together, she sent me an email with that image attached. She said that she used the Photo Booth program on her Mac Book to create that. How brilliant! Then, she entitled it ‘Julie’s Warhol’. You can take a closer look at it HERE🙂

I like ‘Julie’s Warhol’ so much that I’m going to print it out and hang it somewhere in my apartment. She also inspired me to try something similar on my Photoshop program, but let’s face it – my piece isn’t nearly as good as hers… What do you think? *lol*

Also, here’s the progress of my beadwork. I stitched some pieces of felt to the back of beaded Tawny so that she stands out from the corner of the sofa.

Then, I began stitching seed beads all the way around her head to cover any visible felt.

Right now, I’m about halfway done with Tawny. When I finish with her, then I can finally start adding a backing to the piece.
One stitch at a time=:0

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  1. >I love your Julie’s Warhol and the one you made. I think your piece is as good. Then I love that Tawny stitched down is going so fast and I’m seeing her/his ‘halo’ anymore. I also love that you put the extra felt pieces in back to give Tawny more dimension even. I’m in the process of getting my Broadband working and your site loaded so fast. Usually I’m waiting and waiting and waiting…

  2. >This is comming along really nicely! During one of my art history classes, my professor told us a story about how she bumped into Andy at an airport way back when. She said she was speechless and only thought about everything she wanted to say/ask after they parted ways.She also told us about a film of his that she saw in Denver and the only place showing it was a XXX rated movie theater. She went anyway. I’d have to surf through my old class notes to find the name of the film she saw.

  3. >I love all the artistic portrayals you are doing with this piece as you work on it. Some of them are just absolutely great! I sympathize with wanting to get something finished…but you are on track, and it looks great.

  4. >”I like ‘Julie’s Warhol’ so much that I’m going to print it out and hang it somewhere in my apartment”.I think you should hang it in a place where your going to see it every day, like by your phone or computer. It’s really cool. Makes me want to smoke a joint.

  5. >I agree…WOW! Looking great! I always learn something new or become exposed to something that I have probably would never have heard of if I didn’t stumble in here. It’s always worth the price of admission!

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