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There is a large part of me that just wants to be done with this piece today, but I don’t think that will happen. My beaded pick-up truck & The Divas each took me approx. 2 months to complete. I began this piece on November 19, so I guess I’m right on track, but at the moment, it seems like it’s taking forever to finish…

Today, I attached beaded Julie to the sofa. This was a time-consuming process because I had to sew her down in-between the beads, making sure that no odd stitches show up out of place. Stitching the sides of her dress down wasn’t easy, either… And, after I completed that, I added another row of seed beads to her hair, as well as her sleeves so that no felt shows through. And, lastly, I stitched through her hands and the book so that the book stays at the proper angle.

If you click the photos below, you’ll also notice how the sides of the sofa really stand out. This just sort of occurred naturally. My goal is to stiffen the entire piece somehow so that the sides of the couch stay like that. Then, the piece will really be 3D.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the back of the piece. I can’t even imagine how many stitches there are…. =:0

I guess I’ve been waiting this long to complete my piece, so what’s another day…right?? That brings me to the subject of patience. Yesterday, Chalice commented by saying that she wished she had the patience to do such things. My opinion is that anyone can have patience. But, you must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.


The song you’re listening to is by a British indie-pop band called Eskiimo. They called themselves Dear Eskiimo when this song was released, but they’re just Eskiimo, now. I came across this band from Manchester, UK when I was surfing around for some new music today. This particular song, Patience, just became my new favourite. Here’s a short list of things that I must be patient for (in no particular order) :

The completion of my beadwork
News regarding an art show that I entered
Inspiration & motivation to begin a new piece
The release of Porcupine Tree‘s next record
The arrival of spring
My trip to London when I will visit Anna
My trip to Germany when I will meet
Another phone call from him

As you can see, Tawny is waiting patiently to be attached to the sofa. What is it that you’re waiting patiently for??

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  1. >Funny you commented on Patience, as did I on my blog. I think I have an extended amount..but for certain things. I waited patiently for my children while going through infertility and loss for years and years, so I knew once we were blessed, I was determined to be ever so patient with them. I still pray for more…patience that is. :O)

  2. >I’m waiting patiently for my muse to show up and get my going in the right direction with my art. This new piece is fantastic. You amaze me with each new piece.

  3. >I need the patience to stay on a diet. he heHey.. your basic bead embroidery tutorial is great. I should not have taken that class and just read your tutorial.

  4. >Okay you are right. I could develop the patience to do this type of work however, its a matter of desire. As much as I love the bead work, I don’t really want to sit down and work on it. There was a time when I wanted to crochet and sew but that lasted all of a month, if that… So I am envious of your determination.It just seems I always have so many other things which occupy my time. Maybe one day that will change…Once again, Awesome Job!!! I love your work :)Take Care,Chalice

  5. >So besides figuring out how many months do you also know the number of hours? And these are 15’s right? My list of having Patience includes: Realizing that false starts sometimes still result in going forward, which is the main goal.Losing weight takes at least as long as gaining it.When in-laws visit – it only feels like forever.— I’m sure your next project will also keep us all spellbound! 😀 eirdre

  6. >Good question, Webmiztris. I DO display them in my apartment, but sometimes I have to send them out to be photographed for publication or to be entered in a contest/show, etc… Then, I might not have the piece for awhile… Also, ‘Rudy’s Dream’ belongs in a private collection. And, a small number of my pieces are starting to become available FOR SALE. =:)

  7. >Hey, Lone,Patience is a choice. I agree with you that we all have it and it is our willingness to have it that grants our desires to be fulfilled–at least the one that take patience. You said it better!

  8. >I love how you integrate your love of music into your posts. Your work really is fanstastic, and I am patiently enjoying watching the slow process of making each piece.

  9. >I guess everyone has something to be patient for….I will probably enter this piece into an art show or beading contest for starters. And, perhaps I will try to get it published, as well…And, Rockdog, I’m also starting to be sad that it is almost finished. It has become such a part of me. But, at the same time, I am also thinking about what to do next….

  10. >I’m patiently waiting to hit the lottery so I never have to work again. at least not work for anyone else. A lot of people tell me I have patience but really I’m extremely compulsive.

  11. >I am not so good at having patience by nature, but I think, I have learned and still do learn to have patience. I can bear it to be patient when I really want to achieve something!!! When I have the goal right before my eyes then I clench my teeth and just be patient. I know what you are talking about when you say, you want to finish this piece. But we also know, when it is finished, we are a little bit sad that it is finished already, aren’t we?I will have to be patient for:- The shop I am working on- So many things I am planning to bead- My current beadwork- Our next holidays to the German island Sylt when I will see the sea again- One of my best friends coming over tomorrow and having a good time- Your trip to Europe/Germany 😉

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