>Leave That Kid Alone


Today is Martin Luther King Day here in the States, and that means there’s no school for kids. For the rest of you who actually have school today, I hope you remembered to do your homework. Whether you like it or not, homework is a very important part of getting a proper education.


Last night, I was listening to the
UK Top 40 on BBC Radio 1, and I fell in love with the #2 track of the week. ‘Proper Education’ by Eric Prydz vs. Floyd. This dance hit features David Gilmours vocal track from the 1979 Pink Floyd song ‘Another Brick in the Wall’. This is the first time Pink Floyd has ever allowed one of their records to be sampled in this manner. I think this track is brilliant (as is the VIDEO), and it should provide a much-needed break from all of that studying=:)

During the radio show, I made the tiny book for Julie. Opened, it measures approx. 1″ x 2″ wide, and it has about 16 pages. Then, I printed out two Shel Silverstein poems in the smallest font that I could find. Shel Silverstein was an American poet, illustrator, and author of children’s books. I remember that we had the book Where the Sidewalk Ends when we were growing up. I chose the poem entitled ‘Come Skating’ because Julie & I used to roller-skate 3 times a week when we were young. But, for some reason, we never really went ice-skating… I chose ‘Batty’ because of its length, and also because it’s so cute🙂

I cut out the poems and glued them in place. Then, I punched two holes through the spine of the book. Next, I sewed through Julie’s hands and the book. I also added some bugle beads onto the wooden portion of the couch. They might be tough to see in this photo, but they do add sparkle. Next, I must attach Julie & Tawny to the beaded sofa…

17 thoughts on “>Leave That Kid Alone

  1. >Awwww…I’m so happy to know that you enjoyed this post=:)And, while I love this Pink Floyd remix track, I can’t help but to miss hearing the guitar solo that’s on the original recording:(

  2. >I love Pink Floyd as well as Shel Silverstein…The images here are disturbing and yet I love them so, once again you are a genius at putting together a masterpiece…

  3. >THis is amazing…I too love this new Floyd remix thingy. I had it on the van stereo the other day, COOL MOM alert!My 6 year old likes it too…YOur couch girl with the floyd dude is great.

  4. >You are the second blogger pal of mine in as many days who has posted something about Shel Silverstein.And you’re going to be the second person fascinated that I never heard of Shel Silverstein! 😉

  5. >Thanks for the comments so far! Steve, I agree, Shel does look pretty freakin’ scary on his book covers…I think it’s the bald head. LOL! And, I used a size 8 Kartika font in Microsoft Works Word Processor, and I could barely read it on my 17″ ‘puter screen!

  6. >Hi TLB,I found your blog doing the “Next Blog” thing at the top of the page. I am constantly looking for people with strong, diverse view-points of the world to visit my blog. Judging by your blog, you seem to fit into that category. If you are interested, check my Q&A blog called “The Big Question” at http://bigquestion2day.blogspot.com. If you get time, come answer a few questions (I post a new one each day). It’s intriguing to see all the answers from the mixing pot of readers that visit.Take care,Sublime

  7. >I’m going to have to get a copy of Where the sidewalk ends. It’s been years since I thought about Shel Silverstein and now that I’m going to have a kid it’s a good time to get reacquainted.

  8. >The book is great! I love it!!! It’s a wonderful idea!!! The sampled Floyd-Version is interesting. Do you know that I was listening to much Electronic-music a few years ago? But only dark Electronic called EBM (Electronic Bead Music). I think it is not known well outside of Germany because the scene is quite big here. Well, I have returned to “hand-made” music like rock and metal … 😉

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