>Sunday Best


I love looking through old family photos. Tonight, I found an old school picture of my sister Julie when she was 7 yrs. old. She was in the 1st grade. Awww…wasn’t she cute??

Here’s another photo of Julie & Tawny, our Airedale Terrier. I love this one because Tawny’s whiskers are icicles. I bet her nose was cold!

And, here’s a photo of Julie in her pink dress. She actually made this dress for her prom. Julie is a very talented seamstress. She’s made a number of dresses for herself, including her wedding dress.

What a sweet smile=:)

And, lastly, here’s the bead-embroidered Tawny & Julie. Julie said she probably wanted red or blue shoes when she was little, but I know that she would never wear either of those colors with a pink dress. So, I decided to go with Webmiztris on this one, and I beaded Julie’s shoes in white. I also added a few other finishing touches. I shaded Julie’s face with embroidery floss; I added another row of white seed beads to her belt; and, I filled the section under her right arm with blue beads so that it matches the sofa. You’d be surprised how long finishing touches take.
How do you think it looks??

My next step is to figure out how to construct the entire piece. I need to attach Julie & Tawny to the sofa, as well as tack down the sides of Julie’s dress. I also have to make a tiny book out of acid-free paper and attach it to Julie. And, I may add some more bugle beads to the wooden section of the couch so that it sparkles… I’d better get to work…

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  1. >Nice choice on the shoes. I like the MJ’s…whatever color. :O) The piece is coming together sooo nicely. I’m so super impressed with your talent, but love all the memories you add to it while you go.

  2. >Oh, I laughed out loud when I clicked on Chucky’s link, hey, why stop there, why not go for that ‘Rhino’ stuff… LoL!I’ve seen some really nice miniature book patterns online, I’m stumped for the addy at the moment… But something tells me you’ve already got one designed, you doer, you!I liked the walk down memory lane. What a beautiful doggy! I want one! I really miss having a dog, but not the, well, doody duty…Oh, and thanks for stopping by and ‘checking up on me’ 😉

  3. >Great job – I am so impressed with both your speed and talent! I can’t wait to see what kind of book she gets. And, I’ve loved watching the life the loveseat lived before your sister. I’ve often wondered what I would learn about some of the antiques I’ve had if they could tell their tales.

  4. >Haha! Chucky, you are too funny! You know, I think my mom used to use something similar to Liquid Nails to glue Tawny’s ears down when she was a puppy – you know, so they have that permanent fold in them… =:0And, yes, Julie’s a sweetheart. She’s the best sister anyone could ever ask for=:)

  5. >My next step is to figure out how to construct the entire piece. I need to attach Julie & Tawny to the sofa, as well as tack down the sides of Julie’s dress. Well you could always use Liquid NailsJust a thought :)But really, it is looking real good.

  6. >Okay first of all that dog – ROCKS. How cool looking is that dog!? Wow – the whole piece is coming together so perfect. I love the way you did the hair on both of them.

  7. >The finishing touches are often the most important part of the piece and one of the most dangerous points that can make or break the entire thing!The nicest thing about beads is that you can snip the thread and redo an area that you don’t like or add some more to an area that needs a “lift”…One of the reasons I rarely use glue is because it’s unforgiving….usually once you’ve used it, there’s no going back!You sis looks like a sweetie…if she’s half as nice as she looks you’re very lucky!

  8. >Had you not pointed out that you filled in the space on the couch between her arm and her body I would never have noticed, but it looks great. I should notice things like that because I use to paint houses, and I notice everything when I look at a wall or a piece of trim etc.

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