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I know. I’m late with my update. I didn’t even do any beadwork yesterday… Instead, some friends and I went out last night to see our friend Tim’s band play at The Middle East in Cambridge. Tim is the singer in Black Helicopter. I work with Tim in the theatres, and even though I’ve known him for a decade, I had never seen his band play before. So, it was pretty cool to see the real Tim onstage playing his guitar. Since Black Helicopter is a Boston band, most of you probably never heard of them, but they’re slowly rising to fame=:)

My favorite song that they played last night is called ‘Buick Electra’. It’s on their new CD called Invisible Jet. I love it because it reminds me of my Buick, and you can hear it on their myspace page.

Here’s a track off of That Specific Function entitled ‘Little Davey Bowditch’. Enjoy=:)


Oh, and I didn’t bead Julie‘s shoes yet. I was waiting to hear what color she wanted. But I did work on her arms. I used embroidery floss, and I’m not sure that I’m completely done with them. How do you think they look so far?? Also, if you’re wondering about her hands, please keep in mind that eventually, she’ll be holding a book.

Now, where is that ibuprofen??

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  1. >I really like the skirt on the dress for Julie. Excellant choices. And I like the arms, sort of. I’m not too sure about them. I want to see them with the book, I guess, as I’m sort of ‘iffy’ with the arms right now. Shoes, oh, who cares, not me! Shoes be shoes!

  2. >I think the arms look fine. The only other way I could think of doing them would be to sew “regular” doll arms with fabric and stuff them, delicate, of course. But then you’d have to do the same with the face for it to look right. I think the embroidery floss works with the way you’ve already done the face. This is a tough technical question, for sure.

  3. >Haha!! You are all too funny… Since this is pretty experimental (as are all of my pieces), I don’t actually know if we’ll see the belt. My guess is that we will at least see some of it…

  4. >Riddle me this, when the book is in place will we even see the belt??? I say black shoes. I find that they go with anything and look classy at the same time. IMO of course…LOL!

  5. >Ibuprofun 800 in my desk, would you like one?I think that the shoes should be a khaki green – pink and khaki look so good together…….But that’s just my humble opium….er opinion…..

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