I’ll be honest. I didn’t get a lot of beadwork done today. Much more exciting things came up. But, I did work on my sister Julie‘s hair some more. I added a second layer of beaded fringe that actually moves when you touch it. These seed beads are a light gold color that brings out her blond highlights.
Also, I’d like to share one of my sister memories with you. This is the time Julie and I snuck into Ozzfest ’99 at Great Woods (which is now the Tweeter Center) in Mansfield, MA. We went to see Black Sabbath, and had an excellent time! Julie would probably never do something like that again though, because it’s wrong to sneak into concerts. You should always buy a ticket, just like everyone else…LOL…I’d be surprised if Julie ever goes to an Ozzy Osbourne concert again…But, actually, I’d be even more surprised if Ozzy ever performs again…


Can you find us in the crowd??

12 thoughts on “>Pinkfest

  1. >I’m a Pink Floyd fan also and have been to several concerts. Sat in the rain under a poncho once thru the whole thing…that’s how much I liked the show. I never saw Roger Waters, only David Gilmour. I am still a fan. Never went to an Ozzie concert. A little too much for me..didn’t even like his reality show…his show off wife…his unruly kids.

  2. >Boy I’ve missed a lot! Finally caught up on the progress of this piece and have been giggling the whole time. The adventures these two have been on and the piece is still in progress. =)

  3. >Your piece is really coming along nicely! You do work fast…how are your eyes? There are quite a few bands traveling that I had mentioned that I wouldn’t mind seeing to my husband, and he is in the same school of thought as nairobi paul. He doesn’t want to go see old rockers playing the oldies…he’d rather pop the disc in. He also tried watching Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd, so go figure…

  4. >Hi,You two stand out in any crowd! It is fun to see the different lights the pinks are catching in your work. Neat-o which is sort of a take-off on Rachael Ray’s Yum-O.

  5. >I love Dark Side.I wouldn’t want to see P. Floyd anymore, as they are no longer the band they were in the 70s. Even if the personnel were all the same, it just wouldn’t be the same. Now IF I could travel back in time, I’d jump at the chance to see them then!

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