>The Dark Side of Pink


Today, I finished Julie‘s pink peyote-stitched dress. I also added a layer of white seed beads around her waist, as well as a few buttons. When I’m ready to assemble the entire piece, I’ll just tack down the sides of her dress to the sofa. Next, I need to bead her shoes, as well as embroider her arms and legs like I did with her face.

What color do you think her shoes should be? I think maybe pink…

Of course, I can’t keep talking about the color pink without mentioning perhaps my favorite pink thing in the world – Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd is another English progressive rock band. They’ve been around since the 60’s, although they probably didn’t reach worldwide success until their 1973 release, The Dark Side of the Moon. This band is mainly recognized for their psychedelic music, although they’re also known for their songwriting, album cover artwork, and elaborate live performances. I love this band’s music but, unfortunately, I have never had the chance to work or even see a Pink Floyd show in my lifetime. They have been on a long hiatus for at least the past 10 years, and I keep hoping that they’ll go back out on tour just one more time.

Until then, there is still one way for Pink Floyd fans to ‘experience’ their music, and that is at the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular. If this show isn’t scheduled to come to a venue near you, you can still experience a sneak preview right here. For example, if you’re tired of looking at Julie’s pink dress, under the right light (and under the influence of certain substances), it can be any colour you like=:)

For maximum visual effect, wear your laser glasses, and enjoy the show=:)


21 thoughts on “>The Dark Side of Pink

  1. >Pink Floyd…amazing. I used Dark Side of the Moon to fall asleep for a few years in High school.I still adore them.A friend who is no longer of this world and I went to see them together.I cherish the memory.I love this little beaded momma you have here in the laser show…too cute!

  2. >C’mon, do em’ in red…!!!! Pretty please…? I want red and I want it now!!!!!!!Damn, that sounds a lil’ kinky doesn’t it? Hmmmmm?Later beady Baby…

  3. >I like what you said about your sister (in a previous post), and the importance of the relationship you have with her vs. the lack of importance of material things. Maybe it would be fun to ask her what color shoes she always wished she had had when she was that age… a small way to honor her and her place on the sofa, in your work, and in your heart.

  4. >LOL!!! Love the comments today=:) And,yes, I am having fun. This is what happens when there’s no work for me for a week. LOL!And, red Mary Janes, huh?? With pink?? Wheel see….

  5. >The Laser Specatcular Tour sounds quite interesting. And I love Pink Floyd! Cool colours your piece is lighted today! :)Frank received David Gilmour’s solo cd for christmas and it is a good album, I think!

  6. >ah, pink floyd. THey performed in the theatre I was working in, so I not only got to see them, I got to talk to them. Of course at the time I was chatting to them I hadn’t a clue who they were until after someone told me LOL! thank goodness otherwise I would have been too gobsmacked to talk.Love the laser glasses LOL! and yes PINK mary jane’s would be sooooooo cool.

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