>The Pink Phink



Today, I worked on Julie‘s pink dress. I used the peyote stitch to create a beaded fabric. As you can see, I had a little help – probably more than I bargained for… But wait! Where did Tawny go? I bet that Pink Panther scared her away…and, now, the little painter man is trying to paint the rest of the sofa blue! What if he tries to paint Julie’s dress blue, too?
Will the Pink Panther be able to stop him??

Stay tuned…


The Pink Phink
December 1964
Music by Henry Mancini

10 thoughts on “>The Pink Phink

  1. >You have completely lost your mind and I absolutely love it!!!!The Pink Panther….The Painter…It’s all just too much and soon there will be a weekly comic right? Hmmmm? There is an idea…Later Beader Baby…

  2. >I have an idea where Tawny is! I think we’re going to have to send Inspector Clouseau out to get him back “Does your dog bite?” 🙂

  3. >the story that’s going along with this piece is just great….loved all the “visitors” to the blue couch! I think the pink panther will win…in the end anyway!

  4. >Pink Panther will win, of course. I loved watching Pink Panther as a child and I also had a comic book that I read several times. Thanks for the You Tube movie. :DAlso, your post is funny, the picture with pink panther and his counterpart looks great. I must admit that I have always pitied his counterpart a little bit … 😉

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