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Today, I was looking through some old photos, and found one of my favorite pictures of my sister Julie when she was on her way to her senior prom. She was wearing a gorgeous pink dress that she designed herself, as well as a beautiful headband with tiny pink & white flowers on it. So, I decided her beaded dress should be pink, and I’m using size 11 dusty rose matte seed beads.

I was a little frustrated with my beadwork today. I ripped out the collar of the dress once, as well as the pink band that goes around Julie’s waist. I’m still not sure about that light pink color there, but I may also layer some light pink 15’s on top of the entire dress to add some sparkle. Then, maybe it will look right.

How do you think this pink looks in contrast with the blue sofa?

After looking at pink seed beads all day today, I couldn’t help but to wonder what beaded Julie would look like in a pink Cadillac. So, let’s fast-forward 9 years to when she first gets her driver’s license. Here’s what she looks like in a classic convertible 1959 Caddy Coupe deVille=:)

The ’59 Caddy has to be my favorite Cadillac of them all. Some people like to call it ‘The Shark’ because of its outrageously large tail fins. If I were to create a beaded Cadillac, this would be the one, although I don’t know if I would choose pink

Also, this track you’re listening to was recorded by Bruce Springsteen in 1983. Julie will laugh when she hears it. Years ago, I took her up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and all we had was the car radio. The reception up there is bad because of the mountains, and at the time, you could only pick up one classic rock station. Well, this happened to be the weekend that radio station was having a Bruce Springsteen marathon. Nothing but ‘The Boss’ for the entire weekend. Let’s just say we share fond memories of that… And, I am proud to be born in the USA=:)

14 thoughts on “>Think Pink

  1. >Nice car! I wouldn’t mind a big ol’ boat like that some day. I think it’d make a nice family car :)The lil lady is coming along very well. I like it.

  2. >I heard you have to use a size 13 beading needle and file down the sides to pass though a size 22 seed bead. I could not imagine using those tiny beads. I love the pink cadillac. Your sister looks good sitting behind the wheel. It has been great watching the progess of this piece.

  3. >Love the bead work and I love her sitting in the caddy 🙂 Funny about the radio only getting the Springsteen! If you weren’t a fan before I bet you were after that!Take Care..

  4. >You’re getting into some real tiny detail…have you tried any antique beads? They come in sizes down to 22-24 which are smaller than some grains of sand, but man, you can sure do detail with them!

  5. >I hear this song on the radio this weekend and thought it had been a long time since I’d heard it. I’m a big bruce fan – been to several concerts.

  6. >She looks great in the Caddy!!! 🙂 Bead a red Caddy! 😉 I also think that her pink clothes has turned out quite nice so far. Gosh, a whole weekend with Bruce Springsteen … 😉

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