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When I was home in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, my sister Julie and I were out shopping with Mom at a favorite second hand store. I forget exactly how it happened, but either Mom or Julie saw a vintage white Pyrex baking dish with a blue chicken on it. (It was actually a refridgerator dish that was used to store food in before Tupperware was invented.) I think Mom spotted it first, then said she would get it for Julie because Julie likes anything with chickens on it. I was annoyed by this because I’m the one who owns my grandmother’s antique red/chrome 1950 dinette set, therefore I should get first dibs at anything antique, vintage, or retro that might match that type of decor, right? Well, apparently, Mom has no clue what I like, which annoyed me even more. I mean, I am the oldest daughter…

Anyways, Julie and I argued over the dish for awhile. I tried to convince my sister that I needed the dish more than she even though I have no idea what/when I might cook something in it, and she cooks/bakes everyday. Well, of course, Mom ended up buying her the dish, and I soon forgot about the whole thing…

Well, today, I checked my mail, and there was a package from Julie. Inside was the exact same white Pyrex dish with the blue chicken on it. She wrote a note saying that she found another one while she was antique shopping in Illinois over the holidays. I thought that was so sweet!

It made me realize (once again) that the material things siblings argue over are trivial. Life is too short. Just be happy that you have a sister (or a brother). Material things can always be replaced, but sisters cannot.

Thanks for thinking of me, Julie. You’re the greatest=:)

Above, you can see that I’ve started beading Julie’s hair. I wanted to see how it would look with her face before I continue…

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  1. >Hi lone beader, your blog really rocks and your beadworks are exquisite!! I agree that sisters are so special and I have two. 🙂 What a sweet loving thing for your sister to do.

  2. >That’s so sweet! When I was reading your story, I was sure that you were going to say that your mom sent and surprised you with something very special. It sounds like you and your sister are very close to each other.I love old Madonna songs too…

  3. >I can so relate. My sister is 8 years older and my Mom has since passed away. There have been things I’ve wanted that I know she has of my Mom’s, but I keep to myself about it. I know that I have things she probably would like to have as well. Life is short, love WHO you have, not what you have. :O)Love the hair btw.

  4. >Thank you for the smile. My two daughters have argued over who will get a green bowl I have had for eons — well, to assure (she hopes) her getting the bowl, the youngest daughter, like your sister, found an identical bowl in an antique shop (also in Illinois) and sent it to her sister for Christmas. We all have had a good chuckle over this. Love the way your piece is coming together.

  5. >I like Trivial Pursuit.The project is looking good. It’s kind of like when I used to watch Bob Ross paint on TV. Watching it all come together is magical! I can’t wait to see how this turn out.

  6. >When I think about the fights I have had with my sisters over the years I laugh! Just like you said, so trivial 🙂 At least it gives us something to talk about later in life.

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