>Tawny’s Got a Halo


Those of you who know me well know that my favorite band is Porcupine Tree. I hadn’t listened to them in a few days because I was busy working. So today, I watched their Arriving Somewhere DVD all day long:)

Porcupine Tree is an English progressive rock band, although they don’t like to be categorized as such. They’ve been around since the late 80’s, but I only started listening to them about a year and a half ago. As soon as I heard one disc, I was soon buying all the others including rare out-of-print discs that you can only get on auction. Their music is beautifully complex, and Steven Wilson‘s voice is captivating. The entire band is quite talented, as well. Drummer Gavin Harrison is probably my favorite band member; he is phenomenal. If you get the chance to see this band live, you’d be amazed at Gavin‘s technique. I took Jimmy to see Porcupine Tree in October when they played at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston. Jimmy wasn’t as familiar with their music as I was, and he was still blown away by their performance. Currently, I’m making plans to visit London in the spring, and I hope to catch one of Porcupine Tree’s shows on their UK tour=:)

Here, Steven sings ‘Collapse the Light Into Earth’ for Tawny Bear.

As I was listening to Porcupine Tree, I thought about something that one of my readers mentioned. She had said that she couldn’t visually differentiate Tawny’s right leg from the rest of her. Truthfully, I agreed. So, I added some dark brown beaded fringe all the way around her legs. Can you see the difference? Does Tawny look better now?

Next, I worked on Julie‘s face. I decided to use all embroidery floss for her skin. This color probably looks like a white, but it’s actually a very light peach color. I have several other colors to use for skin tone, so I’m also going to try to add some darker color to shade in the blush on her cheeks and other areas. Hopefully, I’ll have enough patience to do that… While working on this face for an hour or so, I managed to break the needle that I was using. (No, not my trusty bent beading needle -LOL!). And, I also stabbed my thumb, which drew blood.

And now, I leave you with one more Porcupine Tree song. ‘Halo’.
Tawny’s got a halo ’round her head=:)

You can listen to more Porcupine Tree songs HERE. Enjoy=:)

13 thoughts on “>Tawny’s Got a Halo

  1. >This guest person you have going with your beaded couch is simply genius! I absolutely love it – very – very cool! Beautiful work as well. I can not get over the things you create. Amazing.

  2. >Thanks for the comment, Blu. You know, the name ‘Lone Beader’ was inspired by both the term ‘lone wolf’ when referring to car guys, and The Lone Gunmen from the X-Files=:)So, I guess you could say that I’m a pretty liberal lone beader=:)

  3. >Okay, after previewing some of Porcupines stuff I am going to attempt to download(share or borrow or whatever) and check it out more, thanks a bunch…It’s funny because at first glance one might think that a lone beader would be a bit more conservative but you have proven that far from the truth, AWESOME!!!!

  4. >Thanks for the comments! One of my goals for this blog is to give you the opportunity to learn about things that you might not have known before, as well as teach bead embroidery:)And, I am also anxious to see how this turns out. It is going to be quite experimental…. :0

  5. >I love Tawny’s definition of legs now! He looks great Lone. I’ve probably learned more about different sorts, brands, kinds (?) of rock music than I ever thought possible, as well. Am anxious to see how the face turns out with the beading. This is going to be fun to watch!

  6. >LB, Yesssss, just that little contrast made the leg “pop” into view. Whoo Hooo Tawny. Whoo Hooo LB. I just adore Tawny…not that I didn’t before. dmzapp

  7. >Tawny looks very different to me today. Aside from the added detail to the leg, I just noticed her nose area. Very cool!That’s cool when you find a band that is new to you, but has been around for a while…digging up their old tunes. Lots O’ fun!

  8. >Yes, maybe I am harsh regarding “halo” … It is just my feeling about the song and it has nothing to do with their skills as musicians … It is the song that I like fewest of all. So FOR ME it is their worst one. Maybe that’s the better description! 🙂 And it matches to your post regarding Tawny, I know!Good luck for floss-embroidering the face!!!

  9. >I’m not surprised that you don’t like ‘Halo’, Nina. But, to say that you think it might be their worst song is pretty harsh;) I mean, when I saw them, they played it as part of their encore, and the crowd loved it! I have to agree, it is very mainstream compared to their other music. However, I still like it:) Also, I chose that song because Tawny is an angel in doggie-heaven… =:(And, you read it right. I am not going to bead any areas that are Julie’s skin. I will use embroidery floss for this. Wish me luck=:)

  10. >YEAAAAAH! A post on PT! I will link it into my Live Journal soon, I think! Thanks for that. Unfortunately, the songs do not appear – I cannot click them because they are not available. That’s not so bad as I know how they sound. But probably not your other guests.I have to admit that I consider Halo one of their worst songs, if not the the worst one. I am irritated by the refrain … I think, I have just understood that you won’t bead Julie’s face, will you? You will “only” floss it, right?

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