>Maybe It’s Maybelline


No, it’s not Maybelline…I used embroidery floss and a handful of dark pink seed beads to create Julie’s facial features. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to use embroidery floss in an artistic manner. In fact, its been a long time since I’ve even used it at all…

Here’s a closer look:

I don’t know if this really looks like my sister Julie, because in real life, she does not wear this much make-up… Maybe she’s born with it.

6 thoughts on “>Maybe It’s Maybelline

  1. >Thanks for your kind comments…To tell you the truth, I’m a little afraid to try beading a human figure…Hell, I can’t even draw one. LOL! So, this will definitely be a learning experience for me…. :0

  2. >Oh, yes, it reminds me of your sister. Currently, the felt sister looks maybe a little bit older. I think it is because her lips are so pinkish at the moment. But when she is beaded, I am sure that she will look like the young girl.

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