>Playing for Tawny Bear


Today, one of my favorite guitar players stopped by to entertain Tawny.
She is
Kaki King.

My friend Jimmy introduced me to her sound by sending me this video. I had never seen anyone play an acoustic guitar like that before, and I was intrigued by her techniques. Kaki treats her guitar like a percussion instrument by rubbing the strings and hammering her fingers over the frets. These techniques result in a very unique sound that I fell in love with. Now, I listen to Kaki‘s music all the time, and sometimes I even turn it on to sleep to when I’m lonely…

Also, I believe I’m finished beading Tawny, my Airedale Terrier. I finished beading her fringed fur, and I also added another layer of fringe to her beaded whiskers. But, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do about the excess felt that is showing around the edges…

In the photos below, you can see a side shot of the bead embroidery, as well as a photo of the reverse side. Tawny measures approx. 2″ x 3.5″ long.

How many stitches do you think there are??

Next, I’ll work on Julie’s felt shape…but first, I need to decide on colors…

19 thoughts on “>Playing for Tawny Bear

  1. >LB, It is her right leg, the one that goes under her left. I understand the position from the dog’s point of view, but it just looks like no leg to me. And that is what draws my eye, maybe noone else will ever see it that way…I have many acquaintances with “tripods” maybe that is why I see that where everyone else does not. All your dogs and the kitty too are wonderfully done and I love them all, but remain loyal to my boxers. dmzapp@gmail.comnmvchub

  2. >Wow, 2″ x 3.5″ long?! Considering the size and the large number of stitches, it’s really amazing! You are really talented!By the way, thank you for introducing me to Kaki King too. Have a nice weekend!

  3. >Hey, thanks for introducing me to Kaki King! What a unique sound. I followed your link to her myspace site and noticed she is going to be in Los Angeles towards the end of the month. Her tickets are remarkably cheap at $12.00!

  4. >I just love coming back to see how this is progressing. Tawny looks soo cuddly. I love the cat pin also…how adorable was that! You are so incredibly gifted!! I can’t wait to see this finished.

  5. >If you like this Kaki King song, check out her myspace page to hear a few tracks off her latest disc. And, that’s exaclty the reason I’m not beading on Ultrasuede. This way I can add more felt if needed to build up the proper dimension, just as I did with my pickup truck. ALso, felt is easy to manipulate.

  6. >Do you ever bead on UltraSuede? Then you could match your background? Or is there not enough depth? THe music was great, and I’m having a ball visiting with your guest artists!

  7. >The guitarist referred to in Roadhouse would be Jeff Healey, a fellow Canadian. I haven’t seen the movie, but he’s pretty awesome. Angel Eyes remains one of my favourite songs.I love the track you’ve posted here. I will definitely have to go out and find me some more!Thanks for sharing!!

  8. >Not feeling great, but wanted to pass along that I think you can ‘pin’ Tawny to the couch with beads and keep your dimension at the same time. No one ever need to know about the white felt that way.

  9. >I think that the blind guitar player that was in the movie Roadhouse also played very similar to this with the exception of the slapping of the guitar body. I love that movie…I counted the stitches (because I have so much free time) and came up with 420…I might be a little off as the area of the nose is tough to count…

  10. >Anonymous, thank you for your opinion. Which foot are you talking about?? Her right foot is supposed to be underneath her left leg…That is how she laid on the couch a lot. And, the rear legs are supposed to be behind Julie after she is placed on the sofa… Send me an email to explain better if you’d like.

  11. >LB, one thing has bothered me from the beginning on Tawny. I know your original sketch shows Tawny’s foot curled sideways in front of her, but in the finished work….well she looks a bit like an amputee and my eye goes to that spot every time! That sounds horrid, but I keep thinking I’d like to see a toe or two over the edge of the settee or some outline that would show the foot better. Guess I am just a sap for a perfect Airedale….dmzapp

  12. >Thanks for your comments so far. All of the felt shapes will be seperate pieces until I’m ready to assemble the entire thing. And, this Kaki King song is called “All the Landslides Birds Have Seen Since the Beginning of the World” =:)

  13. >Hey, that’s a lot of stitches!Thanks for your comment on my site. Interesting to hear you played the viola. Hope to hear from you again soon.

  14. >The Kaki King song you posted is wonderful because it is so atmospheric. The tension is growing more and more in the song. I love such songs. The video song is interesting but I prefer the other song. Can’t tell how many stitches there are …

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