>Dog Walkin’ Blues


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling a little blue, and I’m not exactly sure why. I know that I usually feel blue right after Christmas every year like clockwork. I think it’s because at the end of the year, I always think about what I didn’t accomplish over the past 12 months. Or, I think about how I spent the entire month of December preparing for Christmas, and then it’s over in the blink of an eye. Or, I think about how I dislike New Year’s Eve because I never have anything planned other than work. And, of course, I’m never looking forward to the day that W-2’s arrive in my mailbox and I have to start thinking about taxes…. Thinking about all of those things depresses me.

But, for some reason, the blues came a little early this year… Oh well. Hopefully, this feeling will pass. I guess I’ll just keep doing beadwork while Eric Clapton sings for Tawny…. But first, I’m gonna go grab a beer…

15 thoughts on “>Dog Walkin’ Blues

  1. >Hmmm…could it be the sofa? You’ve been working in blue so long perhaps it is some sort of transference! And, my goodness woman! Look at what you have accomplished — a fascinating, informative blog; beautiful, creative beadwork; an interesting job — and that is just what I know of as a result of your blog! Looking forward to more of your accomplishments in 2007! : )

  2. >Snap out of it! This Blog is a huge accomplishment. It means a lot of things to a lot of different people. You! Your art brought them together. They laugh, they smile and wonder what the hell your going to do next. What you get back from what you’ve created here they can’t even tax you for on that W-2. Be safe…

  3. >Oh, I’m so sorry, Robin! You’re really missing out by not having speakers. Just get a cheap pair and plug them in…please?? LOL!And, I have an Eric Clapton backstage pass, but that’s not nearly as cool as an autograph… I probably had a guitar pick, too, but I left all my picks behind when I broke up with my b-friend last year. I figured why fight over little pieces of plastic. So, now, I’m starting my collection all over again…. =:(

  4. >My computer sound system has not worked for several years. Your posts make me want to fix the darn thing. After Christmas blues hang around my neck like a millstone. Temporary relief comes when I tackle an outside job (like storm clean up work)or something with art. What about a Blue Man concert for Tawny on your blue sofa?

  5. >Thanks for stopping by the log! I don’t have anything planned for New Years either. Taking it slow this year. Thanks to the NFL playoffs my post holiday depression doesn’t start until February. Happy New Year. It’s gonna get better!

  6. >Tawny is looking so good. I’m often a bit down this time of year, too. I abhor New Year’s Eve., so can hardly wait for it to get past. I’ll be better off when Febuary is done. I always say if you live through Feb. you can live through anything! Hope that helps!

  7. >Your beadwork is totally awesome! Would you believe I “used to have” Eric Clapton’s autograph. Don’t ask me why it’s past tense, I’ll be sick! Again! But your beading rocks like Clapton’s guitar!

  8. >I get the blues twice a year, first in the time leading up to my birthday because that’s what feels like the start to the new year for me, and then again just after Christmas, for the very reasons you mentioned – so much of my attention is focused on xmas that I neglect to plan for new year’s, which is why I inevitably end up staying in for a quiet night.

  9. >Rockdog, Tawny isn’t even close to being done…Sew, I love Neil Young. Excellent suggestion=:)And, yes Nina, it’s Eric Unplugged. I just ran a spotlite for 2 of his shows in October, and his performance was stellar:)

  10. >My husband immediately has recognized that it is a song from the Unplugged album, isn’t it? He is a Clapton fan and I like him, too, since my fahter has listend to him quite often. Everyone is thinking about the past year and what they have accomplished or have not. I think, I am not thinking about it with good reason. I tend to be in depressive moods! Fortunately, I am much too busy too think about all this at the moment. ;)I believe that your New Year’s Eve will be a good one though. I am sending good vibrations to you!!! 😀

  11. >I am sure that being blue is a natural part of this time of year – I’m listening to Neil Young to help me move ‘out of the blue and into the black’ -‘keep on rockin’ in the bead world’ 😉

  12. >Master Clapton on Lead Guitar! Nice!The couch is looking sweeeet! I feel like I could reach right out and pet Tawny…even if it isn’t Tawny Kitaen! You really do amazing work!Cheer up! February is almost here and that is the Month of RockDog in which everyone must rejoice!

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