>Here’s Yo Couch


Many of you have enjoyed our previous musical guests, so I thought perhaps it should continue. Now, Tawny the Airedale Terrier will be our beaded subject. For those of you who have just begun to read my blog, Tawny was my dog when I was growing up. Like Rudy, Tawny also enjoyed listening to music, and here to play for her on my bead-embroidered sofa is the one & only Yo-Yo Ma. (Ma was suggested by my union brother, George:)

Yo-Yo Ma is a French-born Chinese-American virtuoso cellist, and he is perhaps one of the finest in the world. He started his career as a child prodigy, appearing on American television at age 7 in a concert conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Since then, he has played his cello with symphonies all over the world. Most people think of cellists solely as classical musicians, but Ma possesses a far more eclectic repertoire than is typical for a classical player. He has performed and recorded American bluegrass, Traditional Chinese, and Brazilian music, among other styles. He has also appeared on several children’s TV shows including Sesame Street and Mister Rogers Neighborhood=:)

Above, Yo-Yo Ma is simply playing solo…


Who else should come to entertain Tawny??

Also, here is a close-up of Tawny’s face. I’m using Japanese size 15 seed beads. I used a plastic babydoll button for her nose, and I’ve already layered her ears with a second color. Tawny has only just begun to come to life with beads=:)

15 thoughts on “>Here’s Yo Couch

  1. >Wow your bead work is fantastic and lots of fun…and I wish that I had been given an opportunity to learn an instrument as a child. I have great respect for someone of such talent and ability.

  2. >I think Yo gives your love seat a certain j ne sais quoi with his studied concentration. Tawny looks fabulous. I would have to request Barbara Woodhouse to be the next guest on your sofa, but she wasn’t a musician and is probably unknown to all but eccentric English dog lovers (of which I include myself even though I am at present in the middle of moggies rather than doggies) got to go it’s time for my ‘walkies’ 😉

  3. >Tawny looks terrific! How about The Beatles on the couch? Or maybe just John and Yoko, Bed-In style.U2 would be great as well. Or even Elvis.

  4. >Great choice featuring Yo-Yo Ma. The cello is my favorite instrument. Listening was a real pleasure. The little beaded sofa will have some great stories to tell.

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