>Which 5 Slides?


On Saturday, I dropped off another disc of images at Noble’s Camera Shop in Hingham, MA. This time, I had them make 6 slides. I was surprised when they called me this afternoon to tell me they were ready. Noble’s is quick.

Anyways, since I hadn’t heard from the last show that I entered, last week, I searched around for another one. I discovered Upstream People Gallery. They hold regular Juried Online International Art Exhibitions. I was a little mad that I missed the entry deadline for their 9th Annual All Media Art Exhibition, but then I noticed the 9th Annual Realism Art Exhibition. It’s open to all artists in the realistic or representational styles in all media. I emailed the gallery to ask about sales, and they responded by saying that if chosen, I would have the option of negotiating my own sales, rather than selling through their gallery. And, if a piece is not for sale, all I have to do is specify that on my application. Chosen artist’s work will be represented online for an entire year.

If you have time, take a look at last year’s Realism Exhibition. A handful of my favorite pieces are “Joshua” by Melissa Martinez, “Rusty Car” by Joanna Jesse, “New Bedford Whaling Museum” by Mike Mazer, “57 Chevy” by Bruce Rigby, and “On the Hood” by Phillip Windell. After viewing those, do you think that my work could perhaps fit into this category??

Entry deadline for the 9th Annual Realism Art Exhibition is Jan. 8th. If I decide to give it a shot, I can enter up to 5 slides. Above, from left to right starting at the top, are slides of the following bead-embroidered pieces: “Waiting for Dad”, “The Messenger”, “The Divas”, “Rudy’s Dream”, “Great Blue Heron”, and “Laguna de Flamenco”. If I were to enter, I’d probably leave out the beaded flamingos, because I don’t think the quality of that photo is as good as the others, but I’m not sure.
Which one would you leave out

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  1. >Thanks for all of your comments! Interesting that everyone had the same feeling about the flamingos.. I certainly appreciate all of your opinions. And, I agree, the entry fee is not much, so it is definitely worth it to enter. The worst that can happen is they send back the slides, so I’m going to give it a shot=:)

  2. >Why not enter? I think it would be worth taking the chance.I’ll defer to your judgement regarding which slide to leave out. I couldn’t pick if I wanted to because I like them all.

  3. >Oh, I think I misunderstood it in the afternoon. You want to know which one we suggest you to leave out … I think, I was quite tired … 😉 I thought, there was only one you could send to them. So, I would also leave out the Flamenco embroidery piece.

  4. >Looking through some of last year’s Exhibition pieces, I’m seeing 2-dimensional art. Maybe that’s their preference; maybe that’s just what got entered; maybe they’re ripe for something different; maybe not. You’ll never know unless you try, and as bad liz says, if it’s not too expensive to enter, you may as well give it a shot. I notice that the work of each artist seems to have unity, so I’d suggest removing the slide that seems the least like the others. Good luck, and please keep us updated.

  5. >AMAZING WORK!!!If I had to choose one to leave out, it would have to be “Laguna de Flamenco”. No real reason though…it just didn’t make me feel as warm and fuzzy as the others…all are amazing though!

  6. >”After viewing those, do you think that my work could perhaps fit into this category??” U kno what? ur Work RockSS!! and u shud definitely giv in ur slides too!hmm.. i too think that the flamingos cud b left out! am not so sure tho! cos i liked al f them!All the Best!!

  7. >I think I would agree with the flamingos, but I know nothing about art. I do know that the ’57 Chevy rocked!….Then I seen the price that they wanted. I wish I was good at some kind of art. I can just build random stuff with legos.

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