>It’s Never Too Late


Well, Christmas Day is just about over, but I decided that it’s never too late to decorate. One of my best friends knew that I didn’t have a Christmas tree in my apartment, so she got me this baby tree as a gift. It measures about 8″ tall, and the tag says it’s a European Tree’. I believe that it’s some type of Conifer, although I’m not sure which type. I thought it was adorable, and when I got home this evening, I decorated it with this beaded snowflake garland that I made a couple of years ago. The garland is similar to my Snowflake Lace Choker, but instead of weaving all of the snowflakes together with thread, I linked them with jump rings so that I have the option to adjust the length….

Now, it’s my own special little Charlie Brown Christmas tree🙂

Also, I’d like to show you this very unique gift that my sister, Julie, sent me. Customized United States postage stamps!!! And, they have a picture of my beaded 1978 Datsun pick-up truck on them!!! How cool is that???

Thanks, Ju!! I love you=:)

17 thoughts on “>It’s Never Too Late

  1. >that tree is SO cute! I think I need one – we have a maybe foot-and-a-half norfolk island pine, but it’s really leggy so there aren’t many good branches for ornaments. and I am in awe of the beaded snowflakes! I think I have to make a necklace to wake up the snow goddess!

  2. >I love the stamp. I’d read where you can do that, but haven’t tried it. That is a great gift. I like you’re little tree. One year we had to make do with a foil tree I’d made from paper and taped on the wall. We put Christmas cards on it and had a very happy time in our hotel suite!

  3. >Love the stamps!! What a great idea! You can always mail something to yourself so that you will have one in your possession! And the beaded couch has me coming back everyday for more!Your blog has so much inspiration it’s mind boggling.I still am thinking of someone fabulous for your couch…..right now I can only think of Santa!

  4. >Yeah I have a 24 inch tall Christmas tree. Only I lost the plug for it, so no lights :(But I have since packed up my Tree and replaced it with a lava lamp….much cooler than a tree ever was.Hope you had your self a good ol’ Christmas.

  5. >What a wonderful gift from your sister!! I love your little tree. In my travels over the last month I have been checking the status of your beaded couch. You are a great story teller along with being an excellent bead artist.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.I look forward to seeing your work in progress for 2007.

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