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I suppose you were thinking about my last post regarding Beethoven. I actually researched modern-day Beethovens, and found a number of recent articles about Bono (from the band U2), which surprised me. According to the British classical music magazine Gramophone, Bono is just like Beethoven. I love U2, but I’m not sure how I feel about that… And, another thing I noticed while doing that search, is that just over a year ago, more people downloaded Beethoven than they did Bono. Interesting…I wonder if that’s still the case…

Anyways, in my opinion, there is no modern-day Beethoven. But, if there were, it would be someone whose music conveys feeling in a beautifully complex and innovative way. Music that is perhaps shocking at first, then loved by all, and eventually considered timeless.

A perfect example of this would be Led Zeppelin. They were English pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal music. Pictured above, on my semi- beaded love seat, are 2 members of the band – guitarist Jimmy Page & singer Robert Plant. Why can’t they be modern-day Beethovens??

And, as you can see, I still have aways to go on this love seat, even though I’ve already stitched a whole lotta beads onto this felt. But, the good news is, I’m done thinking about Christmas, and I hope to spend the rest of the week doing beadwork:)

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  1. >Oh, I should have my husband take a peek at this one! He was a huge Zepplin fan growing up and even saw one of their last concerts before Bono died. When I started dating him, he wanted to be Robert Plant!

  2. >Good afternoon, Couldn’t comment this morning–one of those blogger things–but I’m really loving your couch. You are doing great work there and I’m even laughing a bit to see our modern folk on a classic couch! Thanks!

  3. >How about Marilyn Manson? His music is definitely shocking, and some-what deep and complex once you get past the anger.I have to say, I really enjoy this blog and the mix of music and beaders…two totally different worlds united! Well Done!

  4. >It’s looking terrific-as always!Question: Have you considered entering the Smithsonian’s juried Craft Show? They just finished judging 2007’s, so I imagine sometime around April (when the 2007 show is being exhibited), the applications would be available.

  5. >Robert Plant could certainly be compared with LVB in respect of outrageous hair 😉 but I agree I don’t think there is a modern day equivalent of the master. I’m going through a bit of a contemplative time, it must the season, and I think you should consider Nick Drake for a turn on the sofa. ps beading looks fab!

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