>Paint it Purple


The next guests on my beaded sofa are guitarist Keith Richards & bassist Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones. I can’t imagine why they’re so tired, though… I mean, The Stones have only been touring for the last 43 years… I’m tired just thinking about working one of their shows. For example, it took us almost a full 24 hours to build their stage when they played at Fenway Park in 2005, and that didn’t even count the time it took to build the steel structure… :0

And, as you can see, I’m really beginning to paint my couch purple. The other day, I went back to Beadworks, and picked up a couple other shades of this color. Now, the left side will be a bit lighter than the right. You can also see where I outlined the shapes of Tawny & Julie with a fabric pen. These areas are quite large, so I don’t think I’m going to stitch any seed beads there…

This week, work is slow for me, so I’m hoping to finish this love seat soon. But, first, I need to finish my Christmas shopping… :0

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  1. >hey if Marilyn Manson comes to grace your sofa, please please do leave me a comment, i have had visions of him on in a blue room, a blue sofa will do for now :)thnx!Nxnzvglu my word verification

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