>On the Purple Couch


Today, I got a fair amount of beading done. I’m almost finished with the right side of the cushion of my love seat. For this section, I’m using an opaque purple, as well as a transparent matte purple:)

I love having this blog because it gives me the opportunity to express myself. And, putting paper cut-outs of rock stars on my beaded love seat is just one way to do that. You see, I’m a stagehand, and I’ve worked all of these artists’ shows at least once – and in Ozzy‘s case, many times. This piece of beadwork is giving me the opportunity to show you how I think and envision things…Afterall, that is the purpose of art, correct??

That brings me to my next guest on the purple couch: Prince. He is playing guitar for Ozzy… This idea was inspired by Cynthia🙂

I’ve worked Prince a number of times, and he puts on a very entertaining show. If you’ve never seen him, you will when he performs at the 2007 SuperBowl Halftime Show on February 4, 2007. My favorite part of his show is his drummer, John Blackwell. John went to Berklee College of Music and lived across the hall from me in the dorms. He is extremely technically skilled, and he plays with amazing showmanship… not to mention, he’s a sweetheart🙂

My next question is, what do you suppose Ozzy‘s thinking as Prince is sitting beside him strumming a guitar??

9 thoughts on “>On the Purple Couch

  1. >Coming from one of the biggest Prince fans out there, I LOVE THIS!! It’s funny because I think of it as a little story of my own musical life. My dad loves Sabbath, I love Prince. It’s like I’m the one sitting on the couch as Prince trying to convince my Ozzy father that my music is cool. You are awesome!!

  2. >I haven’t checked your blog since the summer, and boy I think I have been missing out!You are cracking me up with your loveseat photos and the musician cut outs that sit in it…I won’t be away so long next time!

  3. >Hey Lone Beader! Thanx for the comment! I’m a big OZZY fan, but I think his thoughts are very limited these days…whatever it is I’m sure he’s dropping F-bombs every other word! Gotta love him!

  4. >I’m still laughing as I write this! hehehehe, I think it’s great and what a contrast musically! You either love him or hate him…Prince that is. I happen to be in the former category and saw him in concert in ’87. I think he’s a genius musically, as to his personality…I don’t know…just a little bizarre. He does put on an amazing show.So, in response to your question…I think Prince is serenading Ozzy and he is either intently listening…or thinking to himself “Shaaarooon, have you seen those F******g dogs? ROCK and ROll!!!”

  5. >I coulda had a V8?Where’s my Raspberry Beret . . . I think I looo-ove you . . . hee hee hee.i went DOH Tues morning when I realized I’d missed your class. Dangit.

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