>Paradise Sofa


I didn’t get a lot of beading done today, mostly because I’ve been busy preparing for the holidays. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, especially around this time of year. But, I did manage to finish the lower part of my sofa cushion.
My friend Nina had suggested that Axl Rose of Guns ‘n’ Roses should be sitting on this love seat. I couldn’t seem to find a suitable photo of Axl, so here’s Slash instead. Slash was G’n’R’s guitarist, and he was my favorite member of the band. Slash left the band in 1996 due to several disagreements that he had with Axl regarding the band’s musical direction. So, he formed his own band, Slash’s Snakepit, and Guns ‘n’ Roses was never the same. When I think of G’n’R, I think of the times when Slash was a member. I love his guitar solos, especially the one in the 1987 release of “Sweet Child O’Mine”.

Currently, Slash and former G’n’R bassist Duff McKagan are members of the Grammy Award-winning hard rock band Velvet Revolver. Hmmm…perhaps the title of this post should have been Velvet Sofa…

And, just a bit of trivia for you – Slash was born in Hampstead, England🙂

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  1. >Tell Slash to GET HIS FEET OFF THE SOFA ! Didn’t his Mom teach him it is not good manners to put your feet on the furniture?Seriously, coming along great — love the color choice for the sofa

  2. >Slash is as good as Axl! 😉 And yes, he belongs to Guns N’ Roses as water belongs to the sea … 😉 Sweet Child O’ Mine is a great song but my favourite song is ESTRANGED … Didn’t know that he was born in England!Thanks! 🙂

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