>Art of the Day


I just checked my email, and EBSQ wrote to tell me that my beaded pickup truck is the Art of the Day’. That means my piece is also displayed on their home page for the day. This week’s theme is Beads, and I encourage you to check out the other bead art. This is the second time my art has been chosen for ‘Art of the Day’. Last year, my beaded devil was chosen during a week that featured dolls:)

6 thoughts on “>Art of the Day

  1. >AWESOME BEADING! Saw it on EBSQ and fell in lurve! I am SOOOO tempted to buy one of your pieces. Go check out my art there if you get a chance yourself.art_by_joanna

  2. >I love the orange – it remainds me of my brother’s old VW Combi and the title is very reminiscent of a Fred Bassett cartoon I once saw – if I manage to find the cartoon I’ll send you the link as I think you would appreciate it. Well done for being the ‘Art of the day’ too 😉

  3. >Cool! And somehow I had not seen your beaded devil before. It looks really funny, not very evil. 🙂 I hope, I will remember to look on the page tomorrow if beads are the theme of this week. Can I look for other bead artists via EBSQ. I think, I will just try to do it tomorrow. It is already late here (10:30 p.m.). Good Night.

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