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Today, I happened to be in Harvard Square, so of course, I went to Beadworks. I don’t make a habit of going there, because they’re somewhat pricey. But, I wasn’t happy with the blues I chose for my love seat, and that meant that I had to look for new colors. Here are the seed beads I chose. And, they’re actually a bit more purple than this photo suggests.

When I got home, I ripped out two rows of the cushion, and started again. This is the #1 reason why you should use short pieces of thread, and work in small sections. You just never know when you might change your mind… I don’t usually have to rip out my work, but today called for extreme action. If you’ve read my post entitled ‘Fear of a Blank Canvas’, you’ll learn that it is completely healthy to start over again… In fact, I feel so much better now that I did that. Now, I’m using both opaque and transparent purple size 11 seed beads. Can you see the difference??

I also read your comments on my previous post, and Sew Miaow had suggested that Lemmy Kilmister should be sitting on this love seat. When I read that, I smiled:) Lemmy is the singer/bassist for the metal band Motörhead. I have always said that the British produce the world’s best music, and Motörhead is no exception to the rule.

So, heeere’s Lemmy…

This image is taken from the movie Down and Out with Dolls. I have never seen this movie, but I read that Lemmy plays a homeless roadie named Joe, who lives in Fauna’s closet….LOL. Anyways, I was checking out Motörhead’s website, and I noticed that they posted artwork created by some of their fans. You can find that page in their Picture Gallery. Very cool… And, coincidentally, last night, Motörhead played their last concert for the year in Munich, Germany.

Looks like Ozzy & Lemmy will have to fight over this sofa….
Who will be next??

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  1. >Thanks for all the comments…glad to know that I’m making some people smile:)Also, Cynthia, that’s funny that you dreamt about Ozzy. And, Prince is an excellent suggestion. Afterall, this is a purple sofa…. 🙂

  2. >You’re not going to believe this…and I have to believe it must be a result of seeing the pictures of Ozzy in concert, but I had a dream last night that I went to an Ozzy show…my friend was the roadie and I got backstage passes! That was just too weird!Anyway, I think a contrast would be in order…say Ozzy and Prince sitting side by side drinking a cup o tea!

  3. >Yes, I can see the different beads and I love it! I think using different finishes on the same color, is a wonderful way to change tone and also to get away from that very “flat” look of so many beaded peices. I really like that you started over, because it is better, much better. Way to go!

  4. >I did beadwork on a white denim jacket two years ago-and I didn’t couch the beads-I did each one individually in a backstitch-I’d hate to think if I had to rip out all that work. Maybe I’ll post a picture of the jacket on my site today. I love the jacket, but 44 hours later…I don’t know that I could do it again. I ended up keeping it for myself-I’d never get my labor’s worth for the jacket.

  5. >Now that I am able to post again I want to say: Yes, I can see the difference of the two blues AND I can understand that when you are not satisfied with your work you redo it. I can’t live with something that really strikes and bothers me cause it is not the way I wanted it to look like. Then I redo it, too, and afterwards I am more satisfied than before …2 votes for AXL already!!! My teenie star!!!

  6. >haha, Axl Rose, that would be funny! I like the new color for the cushin. This style of couch needed a nice rich color to go with the woodwork. It’s going to turn out wonderfully.

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