>A Sofa for Ozzy


Thanks to all who attended this month’s EBSQ Live! It was a wonderful experience for me. My presentation will be posted in the EBSQ archives on New Year’s Day, so if you were unable to attend, you’ll still be able to check it out:)

After my presentation, I cracked open an icy cold beverage and turned on Ozzy Osbourne. I love Black Sabbath, and I’ve been listening to them a lot lately…

Then, I continued to work on my piece. I had been wondering what color I was going to choose for the love seat cushion, and this time, I picked blue. I used size 11 Metallic Emerald/Dark Sapphire seed beads for some of the outline. And, for the front of the cushion, I’m using a mix of matte aqua and slate blue-gray. I’m going to try to blend different blues to achieve some shading…wish me luck…

Anyways, after beading to Ozzy‘s heavy metal music for awhile, I started to envision him sitting on this antique love seat. So, I found a photo of him and printed it out. Years ago, I watched a show on the Travel Channel that gave a tour of his home in the United Kingdom. For some reason, this style sofa reminds me of something Ozzy had. And, if he doesn’t have a Biedermeier- style love seat, maybe he needs one…He looks pretty comfortable sitting there…What do you think?

Also, Ozzy’s birthday was last week. He was born on Dec. 3, 1948 in Birmingham, England. Happy belated birthday, Ozzy!!

Who else do you think should own one of these love seats??

5 thoughts on “>A Sofa for Ozzy

  1. >I can see you beading an Ozzy bead collage. He does look comfortable sitting on your couch. he he. My grandmother would have loved to own one of these couches.

  2. >I think anyone with good taste should have the sofa if they wanted to. I love the idea of the mixing the blues for blending. Can’t wait to see the result! It is so much fun to pick the colors, isn’t it? I think it is my favorite part of beading…or it might be putting each bead down…or…

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