>Legs to Stand On


Work has been busy. I’m still working that nutty Nutcracker everyday. The first performance is tonight, and the show runs through next week. So that means next week, I should have more time to get some beading done, as well as holiday shopping… :0

This morning, I finished beading the ‘wooden’ area of my antique love seat. I did not end up having enough topaz seed beads, so I ended up using 4 matte root beer bugle beads to fill this layer in. (Can you find them??) Right now, I just don’t have the time or patience to run out and look for similar topaz beads. So, now, I think that these bugles may show up on a second layer…

Next, I need to figure out what color the cushion should be…

10 thoughts on “>Legs to Stand On

  1. >I haven’t been by for awhile and I’m sure glad I got to catch up. The loveseat is looking pretty. If there are any beads that don’t match I couldn’t see them. It just looks beautiful (as always) to me!

  2. >Wow, this is really coming along nicely! I found the rogue beads, but wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t said something.I clicked on the link to the Urban Nutcracker. Are you in the program or behind the scenes? Sounds like this will be fantastic!

  3. >I found ONE bugle. Are we playing where’s WALDO now.. Where’s the bugles? I did have to enlarge the picture to find ONE bugle though. It looks great!P.S. You inspired me to adopt a virutal pet on my new blog…. so now I have one. he he….

  4. >Yep, well at least I found two and it looks like there are two together on the lower left and two together on the lower right — they fit in well and add to the look of wood, Coming along great, LB.

  5. >Sorry I haven’t visited for a while! Am loving catching up with your latest project.I love how you beads so creatively. You are an inspiration to me!!

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