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A catalog from a company called Seed Bead Heaven arrived in my mailbox yesterday. They actually contacted me when they saw Rudy’s Dream in this month’s Bead & Button Magazine, and asked if they could send me a catalog… I asked if they carry size 15’s, which is what I use the most. Each tube of Japanese size 15’s contains approximately 5400 beads. I took a look at their Frequently Asked Questions, and it says that is equal to 30 grams. Depending on the color, I still think Fire Mountain Gems has better prices…

As you can see, I sort of have a little ‘seed bead heaven’ of my own, and here’s where I store it. In a rolling 4-drawer storage unit from
IKEA. It also has a white top, in case I feel like doing any beading or sorting of colors there…

All of my seed beads are in the second drawer down.

As you can see, I could stand to do some organizing… Usually, when I’m looking for colors, I just dig around until I find a suitable one, which is what I’ll be doing very soon. I’m going to have to decide on a color for the cushion part of my Scandinavian love seat.

Back to working on my latest piece🙂

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  1. >I love to see how everyone does their own storage solutions. I’m very organized about some things and beads are one of them. I think I started getting organized about it when I bought the same tube of the same number 4 times and I only needed 4 beads. It made me realize my habits with beads had to change. About the same time, a lady we all knew and liked was going out of business and she sold four or five of us her entire stock of 15’s. We all had to get organized fast in order to know what we had, who got what and how much and all of that! It was a great bargin for us though. I may never have to buy another size 15 for the rest of my life!

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