>Grains of Sand


I just got home from work a couple of ago. I was setting up the Urban Nutcracker at the John Hancock Hall in downtown Boston. The John Hancock Hall is a small theatre, and this show is kind of big, so it seems like a lot of work, although it’s really not…

Anways, most people like to wind down after work by watching TV for an hour, but not me. (Mostly because I don’t have anyone to watch TV with…) Instead, I like to relax by working on my piece for awhile. But, first, I had a bite to eat and a bottle of Honest Tea when I got home. This is what was printed on the inside of the bottle cap:

This is so true. In beadwork, little things can wear me out. Like my thread gets knotted. Or, seed beads spill onto the floor. Or, I accidentally stab myself with the needle. *ouch* But then, I look at what goals I would like to accomplish, and I keep on beading… What are your ‘grains of sand’ and how do you continue on your journey to the top of the mountain?

After thinking about that, I looked at the clock. It was 11pm. I wanted to see how much bead embroidery I could accomplish in just one hour before I went to bed. As you can see, I completed the left side of my love seat. Not bad…

The next question is: Do I have enough topaz seed beads to fill in the rest of this area? And, if not, exactly what can I accomplish with my remaining ‘grains of sand’??

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  1. >Thanks for all of your comments! I really enjoyed reading that Edgar Allen Poe poem. Thanks, Nina! And, thanks for noticing that, Angela! I try hard to make this blog interesting enough that you will want to come back. My goals are to teach others about beadwork, as well interesting things in life:) I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

  2. >In addition to your obvious talent, I really enjoy the numerous bells & whistles on your blog. My goodness! 16,777 visitors since June of this year and all over the world, too! That is quite an accomplishment!!

  3. >you’ve got enough to finish the other side of the loveseat and the legs, if you want them topaz also….you could also think about light and shadow, if you’re worried about running out of beads…working intuitively has led to some of my best work and the most fun to do…there are no grains of sand for me in bead work…knots are a gentle reminder for me to slow down and spilled beads a chance to zen out while I’m sorting them…

  4. >Love the pottery with the saying on it and that others start with one thing and then have shift. I’m forever doing that and it makes me feel less alone and less ‘not smart’ for not thinking ahead. Thanks!

  5. >You have such a creative imagination. I know this is going to be another wonderful piece. Seeing your work has been an inspiration to me.

  6. >”grains of sand”It reminds me of Poe’s “a dream within a dream” (especially the second part)http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/a-dream-within-a-dream/My grains of sand are, of course, knots in the thread, too. 😉 And the little doubts my mind sometimes simulates … 😉

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