>Simple Outline


Here is the complete bead-embroidered outline for my Biedermeier-style love seat; well, at least the wooden part of it. So far, I like it, but some of the beading looks puckered. I’ll probably stitch through those beads again, and hopefully it will be less noticeable…. I also think I’ll eventually layer this section with size 15 seeds beads of a different color brown….
…if I have enough patience

6 thoughts on “>Simple Outline

  1. >Hi–l just love watching your bead embroidery pieces emerge…what a treat you give us all by sharing your work in progress…also, you inspire me! and are one of the art blogsI look at often…thanksAurora

  2. >I love the shape of the sofa! I know you wish you could stay home and just work on this (I’m with you too). You’re cheering section is ready to shake those pompoms of encouragment when needed. =)

  3. >After visiting your website for the last month or 2 (or 3), I’ve been considering bringing out a large beaded doll I’ve put on hold. She is almost done, but something else needed to be done and now its been a year since I’ve picked it up. However, seeing your speed with working through these pieces of art is intimidating and my doll may continue to sit for a while more until I am content to work at my own speed! So – see its all your fault! LOLAnd you must be very young! I can’t even thread a bead needle for #15’s.

  4. >Beadwork looks very time consuming! I agree, this is a page turner and I’ve been checking back everyday to see what progress you’re making.

  5. >I just recently found your blog. I’ve been lurking ever since. This latest project is so wonderful. It is a page turner watching it progress. I am taking a bead embroidery class next month. I am so excited. I have a brand new blog myself. I am a fairly new beader. ( < 2 years ) I am learning quick. I love it…. I will continue to lurk. 🙂

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