10 thoughts on “>Oh No…Snow!

  1. >What a lovely picture! The first snowfall really is the prettiest…we haven’t yet had a proper one in Toronto, but the cold has certainly arrived in earnest after an unseasonably mild November! The thing I hate about the first snow though is how stupid drivers become on the road. It’s like they’ve never experienced snow before and have only just learned to drive!

  2. >Last Friday we had 12+ inches of snow. The world around us slowed down for a couple days — but is is back to it’s hectic self once again. I love winter — the pace is slower and I love to snuggle in my chair and stitch/bead before the fireplace. As long as we don’t loose our electricity for more than a couple hours it is fine with me.

  3. >Wow, let it snow. Beautiful. Actually here in Texas we had snow last week, but I would love to live a winter where there’s really SNOW!

  4. >I live in the land of no snow but I hear from my snow friends that the first snow is always the best and the most beautiful. Oh and yes, I so know the feeling. I’d much rather have one more day at home before going back to work. Weekends are too short.

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