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I’m pretty tired today. I worked all day yesterday at the Garden for The Who. The Pretenders opened for them. It was a great concert, but it was a long day…
Occasionally, the bands give the stagehands local crew t-shirts as a way of saying thanks. Most of the ones I get are too big for me to wear, so I’ve been auctioning them off on Ebay. I’ve been thinking about doing charity auctions for awhile now, and just recently, my Aunt Nancy inspired me to start doing so. She volunteers for a non-profit organization called Because You Care. This organization rescues stray and abandoned cats & dogs in the Erie area. She has gotten very involved lately, and I really admire her dedication. I thought about how I could help this cause, and today, I decided to list my Who t-shirt as a charity auction. 50% of the final sale price will support the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh, PA. If this auction goes well, I am considering listing every t-shirt that I get in the same manner. It’s a small contribution, but I figure that every little bit helps:)

Also, here’s the latest progress on my piece which will feature a beaded Airedale Terrier named Tawny. I started beading the outline of the love seat. I’m using size 11 Transparent Matte Dark Topaz seed beads. And, I discovered that sewing through the glued-together felt is working well:)

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  1. >Oh, I forgot to mention that then I could donate the Ebay proceeds to animal rescue. I guess there are alot of way to gain donations if one puts some thought or imagination into it. Thanks again for your idea!

  2. >There isn’t an Aunt anywhere who could be prouder of their niece than I am right now of you. You have given me a wonderful idea on what to do with my excess unwanted “stuff”! EBAY! Just have to learn how to do it! Thanks for your inspiring words. AND you are so right….every little bit helps! Thanks honey.

  3. >thank you so much for commenting on my blog funky finds. i’m delighted to find your blog. this beaded embroidery is blowing my mind! and i always love the airdales when i see them on dog shows! so adorable. i love the photos of your doggie playing with a tire! what a hoot! i will definitely be adding you to my bloglines. can’t wait to see more (and learn more about) your beaded embroidery…i never knew it existed!?

  4. >I really like the idea of the the shirts you can’t wear anyway, going for auction on ebay and the some of the proceeds going to charity! What a great idea! Way to go Diane! I used to make artist teddy bears and still have some I could auction off and then I’d have more to give to charities I like. Bless you and your Aunt.

  5. >Thanks for stopping by my blog. I did not know how much work went into beading. I like your dog in the car. I dont think you should have any trouble getting into galleries. Check the gallery listings on http://www.americanstyle.com. They generally list the their top 100 retailers. I could see your work fitting in nicely at those places.

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