‘Rudy’s Dream’ Published!!

This weekend, the December ’06 issue of Bead & Button Magazine arrived in my mailbox. ‘Rudy’s Dream’has been published in the Your Work section. I am so thrilled:) This piece is bead embroidery on a layered felt foundation. Click on the scan below. Your browser should allow you to enlarge this page enough so that you can read the caption… Enjoy! 🙂

10 thoughts on “‘Rudy’s Dream’ Published!!

  1. >WOW, that’s great!I’ve subscribed to B&B lately and I’m waiting for December issue to come.I live in Russia so it can take some time to arrive.It’s really cool I’ll see your piece there. Congratulations!

  2. >I picked up the magazine and was reading it in the car on the way to our belated anniversary party at his parents. I started squealing and Bryan wants to know what’s the matter. “Look! Look! My friend did that! Isn’t it amazing?” You must have been dancing around the room when you saw it. CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. >Now if I can just FIND a copy! I’m going to have to subscribe. They sell out SO fast here.Congratulations, LB. I love this piece best of everything…I can just feel that little dog when I look at it.I’m thrilled to know the issue’s come out and I’ll get it come hell or high water.This is great!!!

  4. >Just fine that it already has been published. It is the best work on this page of bead & button and I guess it is also the best work in all the magazine. I don’t like dogs so much, in deed I am afraid of them, but not of Rudy! He is so cute! :))) And I like the idea of him dreaming of lying on the sofa!

  5. >Oh that is so cool. I’ll go to B&N to get that when it comes out. They should put blog addy’s too. But your blog would steal their readers. LOLBe safe…

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