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Nairobi Paul inspired me to post some photos of my desk. He posted a picture of his desk, and asked others to do the same. So, here goes…

I live in a one-room condo. When I first moved in, I had to create space. So, I decided to put my desk in the closet. I went to IKEA, and found a table that fit perfectly inside the closet. (I can even close the doors if I wanted to.) I also put up an extra shelf and some CD racks, too.
Here is a closer view:

I’m sure you noticed the little egg-shaped Space Shuttle on my desk, as well as R2D2 & C3PO on my shelf. The Space Shuttle is a Hasegawa Egg Plane that I built myself a few years ago. I’ve always loved anything having to do with outer-space, robots, and aircraft. I know, that sounds pretty nerdy for a girl, but my father is a private pilot and he helped spark my interest in technology, mechanics, and flight. I’m not a Star Wars fan like it may appear – I just love robots, and when I was little I wanted to learn how to build them. I also wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up, as well as fly a fighter jet in the United States Air Force. As I grew older, my goals & dreams changed. But, my love for those things still remains.

Also, on my shelf, you’ll see a little red plastic TV. It is actually a vintage viewfinder from my favorite amusement park – Cedar Point. When you hold it up to the light, and look through the hole in the back, you can see 8 different photos of rides in the park (some of which no longer exist). I won this on Ebay last year. I love it because it has a picture of the Blue Streak roller coaster. I am a roller coaster fanatic, and I often dream about spending an entire summer touring the amusement parks of America in an Airstream🙂

And, if you’re wondering about the wallpaper on my computer – that’s a photo I took of my vintage Moog synthesizer which is sitting across the room. I’m not a keyboard player by any means, but this is the only musical instrument that I will never part with.

Above is where I do all my bead embroidery. The table and chair are also from IKEA. The table is actually supposed to be for a lap-top computer, but it works nicely for beading, and it doesn’t take up too much space. Below, is a close-up of my beading table. There are scissors, thread, beads, and a vellux mat so the beads don’t bounce around. There is also a mini-ketchup bottle. I call that my ‘Miscellaneous Bead Bottle’. I throw any imperfect beads, or ones I find on the floor in there. This little table does get cluttered at times, but that’s when I know it’s time to put things away.

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to share a photo of your work space, too:)

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  1. >Your things are lovely. Don’t know where you find the patience to do such small work!!!!!!! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I really appreciate each and every comment:-D Linda

  2. >Talk about a timely post. I spent the last two days pulling everything down from around and next to my desk to finally reorganize and get serious. Yes, a cluttered desk/room is the sign of a creative mind but there is a point where a disaster area is the sign of a lazy girl. *giggle*It’s really meaningful to see your art space; it’s very cozy and friendly. Not what I pictured but still fits you. I’m glad to see that you too shop at the shrine that is IKEA. *wink*Once I get the crime scene tape up and the room in order, I’ll take pictures and post as well. Just don’t expect that to be tonight!

  3. >Great post! You did a good job of showing where you do your art (and blogging) – better than I did.I hope more are inspired to do the same.By the way, I couldn’t get a good whole shot of that colorful plane; it was on the other side of a fence with barb-wire at the top.

  4. >You have hit upon my problem. A workspace. I need a workspace where I can see what Trinity is doing and one where she doesn’t get into the beads. I feel like I’m being sidelined again and I don’t like it. Somehow it will work itself out. Be safe…

  5. >Hi Diana…thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment:-) I love “meeting” new people!! I was just looking at your pictures of the bead work you do…I’m VERY impressed, it’s all so beautiful!!

  6. >You inspired me to show my desk in my blog…thanks for the impetus!I have an ott-lite…they’re very good for natural color and mine is a portable version, as I have a couple of bead groups I bead away from home with.Your space is wonderful!hey…just how big is the truck piece? it looks huge in the photo!boy, I am not liking this damn beta blogger….I have to be anonymous to post…it keeps telling me I have the wrong password…the heck I do!anyway…this is beadbabe…

  7. >I used to just use my kitchen table, but I got tired of that. The beads were taking over. This way is much better. I can keep just what I need for my current piece in front of me. It also helps me to focus, and it motivates me to keep the place neat. And, yes, Nina, do show your work space!!

  8. >Your workspace is quite interesting. I love your keyboard photo on the PC. I own a keyboard, too! 🙂 So little space for beadwork? It looks really tight (if that’s the right word?). I don’t have a real workspace. Sometimes I work at the living room table, sometimes at the dining table and sometimes I just sit on the couch … But I am considering showing my workspace on my website, too …

  9. >Yes, Amol, I have a couple other lights around the room. But, I would like a better work light to help me see bead colors better. Also, during the day, I don’t usually need to use any lights if the sun is shining through my window:) I appreciate your concern:)

  10. >Finally,So this is your workplace / work-table…….where you weave all you art-pieces It looks clean, whereas my workplace is an all-time mess.I assume there is another light source excluding the lamp, if not then reconsider having one. You must have ambient light around the workplace, especially for work like yours. Protect you eyes.

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