>Remembering Eliza


“Eliza’s show name was Stapleford’s Fair Lady, so
we called her Eliza (as in Eliza Doolittle from “My Fair Lady”). Soon,
we started calling her “Eliza Do”, then “The Do”, and finally “Scooby
Doo“. She answered more to Scooby than Eliza. She was always the
Puppy. She looked like a baby puppy all of her life. She was the most
gentle, sweet, loving, quiet, and content pup I think I have ever come
across. She would wait patiently for her food, to be petted, to be
hugged, just everything. She was not the happiest at showing, though.
I think she would get a little scared (just like the original Scooby!)
of all the noises, and preferred to be in our lap at home, or in her
favorite chair. Scooby had really bad cataracts–she was born with
them, and she lost her vision in one eye. But, she adapted just fine.
Without a doubt, she was the sweetest out of the entire group. We
taught her how to ‘hug’, and her ‘Scooby kisses’ were the best! We
could have the worst day at work, and she would know we needed a little
extra attention. She could get us to calm down just by walking up to
us and sitting right next to us. She would put her front paw on our
leg, or on our arm just to say ‘it will be o.k., you have me’.”

Eliza was on the cover of a children’s book entitled The Twelve Dogs of Christmas. If you haven’t read that book, you really should when you get the chance. It is adorable. One of my friends’ kids happened to have a copy for me to read. I loved every page, especially the eight sheepdogs snoring:) (The eight sheepdogs snoring are the four Divas — just doubled. All the dogs’ names appear on the very first page of the book.)

I layered white pearl aurora-borealis seed beads over the first layer of ceylon pearl beads. That really added some depth to Eliza’s hair. I also created a tiny wire halo to represent her angelic personality.

Eliza passed away just 3 weeks before I contacted Gigi about my ideas for The Divas. She was 11 yrs. old.
Eliza, you will always be remembered.

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  1. >Diana — I have so enjoyed the beading journey with the Divas — Eliza’s halo is a fitting tribute to her. I look forward to coming along for the ride on your next endevor — thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I loved each post and photo.Jackie

  2. >Diana, this piece of beadwork is phenomenal!!! I love the details of the fur that you have added, as well as your thoughts behind each one’s name. I do hope that you will enter this in an exhibition.Vicki

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