>Savita the Sun


Well, it seems that I can still upload photos when I use EBSQ‘s image hosting tool, so that’s what I’ll be doing until the Blogger team gets their act together…

This isSavita. First, I bead-embroidered the entire piece using Japanese size 15 cinnamon and teal seed beads. Then, I layered natural turquoise chips on top of the first layer of beads to create texture and visual interest.

Inspiration for this piece came from the polymer clay face itself, which was created by Stacy Taylor. I’ve always been interested in astronomy, and I interpreted the colors of Savita’s face to be similar to those of a sunspot. A sunspot is a region on the Sun’s surface that is marked by a lower temperature than its surroundings. These areas have intense magnetic activity. Even though sunspots are still extremely bright, the contrast with their surrounding material leaves them clearly visible as dark spots.

As you know, Savita was created for Carol Strand-Siebers’2nd Annual Beaded Face Brooch Swap. This was a nice little project that let me step back and contemplate my work on The Divas

6 thoughts on “>Savita the Sun

  1. >Where the heck have I been? You sure have been busy Diana! LOL! I love this piece, it’s so pretty, you’re inspiring me to start with the embroidery again. I’ll have to do something ‘small’ soon, I’m going crazy with the repetition of my current work. But I still love it nonetheless ;)The dogs are gorgeous! I’m amazed at how ‘real’ they look. You do wonderful, amazing work. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. >I love the name since I have been interested in Hinduism for about 10 years now. And I love the relation to astronomy!!! I will have to observe sunspots soon again although we are going towards the sunspot minimum currently. I used to draw sunspots in the past and also made a few photos.Your piece of artwork is wonderful. I love the turquoise chips!

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