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This morning, I got up early and took a ride down to Scusset Beach. It was another perfect day for the beach. I like Scussett Beach because it’s right on theCape Cod Canal. I like to walk on the jetty and watch all the boats go by…

After being stuck in Cape traffic on Route 3, I decided to stop at a bookstore on the way home. Surprisingly, I didn’t find any books about beading that I needed. But, I did find a book called Handbags by Judith Miller that I had to have. Inside are many inspiring photos of antique or collectible handbags, and many of them are beaded…

That reminded me of this little bag I’ve been meaning to show you. My sister, Julie, made it awhile back….I like it because she took the time to bead-embroider a very cool 2-headed dragon on it… Well, she says it’s a dragon, but it looks like some kind of mythological serpent to me. I did a little research, and learned that the condition of having more than one head is called polycephaly. There have been numerous reports of 2-headed snakes around the world.

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