>Beaded Leaf


I’ve been thinking about what kind of leaves I want to add to my little owl’s branch, and I think these ruffled leaves will do just fine. I looked in The Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald, and loved her leaf design.

Here’s the first one that I made. It is made from size 15 Japanese seed beads in 3 different greens, and measures 1″ long. The technique used is the peyote stitch. Now that I have a vision, I plan to first stitch the owl onto the canvas. Then, I’m going to make some more of these leaves in different sizes. As I make each one, I’m going to stitch it directly to the canvas around the branch.

6 thoughts on “>Beaded Leaf

  1. >Magnificent!First of all, it looked like a 4”-5”leaf.1” long – Unbelievable, Take good care of your eyes, Am serious.I can’t use the word Beautiful any more while commenting on your posts, because that is saturated in terms of your art, because I like all of them and they are all Beautiful.

  2. >Your attention to fine detail astounds me… I can not imagine it… but it’s awesome that there are people like you out there… because there would be no art without you!

  3. >Thanks for your kind comment, Meesh:) I’m hoping to get this piece finished soon, if I ever get time off from work… I don’t know if I’ll post anything further until its done…but ya neva know… Thanks for all your encouragement. It is great motivation:)

  4. >With detail work like this, I think your owl will be another masterpiece. I can’t wait to see the finished piece. It’s so cool how you bring us all along on your creative journey with these posts.

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