>Rudy’s Dream

A friend of mine has the most adorable dog in the world – an Irish Jack Russell Terrier named Rudy. Rudy is a very educated dog. He enjoys listening to classical music, and sometimes he visits the library when he’s out walking. He is also very well-behaved and knows not to jump on any of the leather chairs in the house.

Because of his master’s busy schedule, Rudy is often home alone and confined to the kitchen. I imagine that this would get very boring after many hours…and I’m sure that Rudy often dreams of running around the house and napping on the leather chairs, especially the new red one…

This is my current project. It is bead embroidery on felt. My goal for this piece is to make it even more dimensional. I cut out felt shapes, layered them, then stitched them together. Then, I started stitching on the beads. Although this piece may look close to being finished, I am going to continue layering the beads to make the chair and dog really stand out…

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  1. >Never heard of bead embroidery before, but its pretty cool. More than the work itself, I like the title and concept behind the work. Good job

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