>I have always had the urge to create ever since I can remember. As a child, I enjoyed coloring, paper crafts, collage, drawing, finger-painting, rubber-stamping, and cross-stitch. But for some reason, I never really pursued my interest in the visual arts until 4 years ago. First, I started out by simply stringing beads to make jewelry, but that quickly got boring to me. So, after reading several books and magazines, I quickly learned a few bead-weaving techniques, as well as bead embroidery. I fell in love with bead embroidery; its possibilities are infinite…Since it can be similar to painting, I decided to create a larger beaded picture. My very first bead-painting, Flamingo Moon, was published in the June 2005 issue of Bead&Button Magazine. That publication eventually led to my first commission, Laguna de Flamenco (pictured above), which was an experience that helped me find my artistic path, and has driven me to follow it. I plan to share that path with you.

So, why did I name my blog “The Lone Beader”? Because I really don’t socialize with any other beaders outside of the internet. In fact, I rarely even go to bead shops, and currently, I only go to one bead show per year. I like to compare myself to that guy down the street who owns the cool hot rod but doesn’t belong to any car-clubs. He just likes to enjoy his cool car on his own, and maybe use it as his everyday-driver. They call those guys ‘lone wolves’… So, I am ‘The Lone Beader”, but someday, I plan to become a lone-wolf, as well:)

My goal for this blog is to document the artistic process of bead embroidery, as well as other techniques. I also plan to present my ideas and other artistic inspirations, and I would love to hear your feedback. Welcome to my creative journal, and thank you for your interest in my work!

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  1. >Hi Lady Di, very cool work and your webiste and blog look great Look forward to seeing more…I’ll forward to my wife(also an artist) keep me posted if you ever “show” your work…keep it up! peace geo

  2. >Hi Diana! Congratulations to your blog. I am looking forward to what you will be presenting here and so I will surely come here from time to time.Continue with your amazing bead work. Happy beading!nina from Germany

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